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Financial Linguistics:


What We Do

We help you take the next big step by helping you achieve your financial growth goals and optimizing human capital performance. 


2R will take an audit of your business to analyze and forecast financial health, streamline operations and standardize processes and develop actionable metrics to measure your performance and growth. 


Your company can be inefficient and losing money if all key players are not working together. 2R will come to your business and develop and institute standard procedures to guide employees, executives and all team members. We engage employees to empower optimal contribution, and manage Human Capital. 

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The 2R Team

With six decades of extensive business experience, including banking and vendor operations and relationship management, we offer strategic financial and administrative evaluations to mitigate costs and ensure your resources are being deployed efficiently.

Brandon Rogers

Brandon comes with more than 15 years of finance experience in various industries, ranging from Healthcare to Investment Banking. His love of numbers and storytelling combine for a unique blend of technical and linguistic skills. His approach to financial strategy has worked to curate data-driven information and intelligent decisioning, which has allowed for a more holistic approach to leveraging efficiencies and scaling business. He holds an undergraduate dual degree in Finance and Accounting, with an MBA in Finance. 


Dean Carver

Dean comes to 2R with experience in the sales and marketing industry. Due to a high level of teaching and training, he was able to run his own business and sales territory prior to his graduation from Messiah University. Since then, he has mastered the art of financial analytics and project management. In these roles, he has been subject to looking through historical records to create budgets, forecasts, PnLs, etc. of, mostly private, individual companies. He accredits his success in part due to his knowledge of Excel, Fundamental Analysis, Data Analytics, Budgeting and Forecasting, and more.

Our Why

At 2R, we think it is important if a client is going to take the time to put their stamp of approval on our work, congratulate us, or write a long testimonial to use, we should use it. We want to share testimonials, not for us, but for them. We are so proud that what we are doing is working, for them.

Brandon came aboard and in a short amount of time turned my business around.

One word!! Genius!


His talent and knowledge are unmatched on many levels.  Would I recommend? One word, YES!

he came in and started making an immediate impact from day one.

In my time with Brandon,


His financial and strategic acumen is surpassed only by his genuine desire to do what is right. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Brandon again!

He gets to know you like a true friend and really pours his heart into his / your work.

Brandon is on top of everything from A-Z.

I can't speak enough about this man and he totally feels like a 50/50 partner without the paperwork.  

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